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RollBag® – Sterile Sampling Bag – Ask for FREE Samples!

Please contact or 616-422-7233 to order this product

RollBag® is a sterile sampling bag with a sticker closure for the collection of any liquid, semi-solid, or solid sample, for the food and beverage industry, medical, animal health or environmental industries. It was developed to guarantee optimal sampling conditions and preserve the integrity of the samples. There are 11 available sizes that provide flexibility no matter what you are sampling. RollBag® can be treated as soft waste which can be crushed and incinerated, allowing you to downgrade your waste to a more economical category.

Available Sizes: 4oz, 12oz, 20oz, 22oz, 27oz, 30oz, 55oz, 75oz, 95oz, 120oz, and 450oz

Pre-cut Opening: Provides single sterile packaging and allows for easy opening
Resistant: Made in PolySilk®, a high grade HDPE material that is puncture proof. 4-75oz bags are a thickness of 3 mils. 95-450oz bags are 4 mils thick.
Marking Zone: Allows for the user to label the sample with a number, date, or any other important identifier
Watertight Closure: Roll the bag three times and close with the sticker for no leaks
Extra-strong Welding: Provides strength to withstand blending or homogenizing. Collect & Blend with the same bag!
Safe: Gamma ray treated for sterilization and approved for food contact

Metal Free!
RollBag® is metal free, meaning that it is easier to eliminate than metallic wire bags. Indeed, the metallic wire can puncture the bags during autoclaving cycles and implies a disposal in the infectious risk biohazard waste stream in the category of sharp objects waste. This implies a high waste treatment cost. Metal free RollBag® means you can autoclave it easily, or dispose of in a soft non-perforating waste biohazard class, that can be autoclaved, or incinerated and grinded. This allows the waste category to be downgraded to a more economical category!

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12 oz, 120 oz, 20 oz, 22 oz, 27 oz, 30 oz, 4 oz, 450 oz, 55 oz, 75 oz, 95 oz



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