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Saldesia Account Benefits

You must have a Basic Account in order to order online from Saldesia Corporation. Fortunately, you may click Here to Create an Account OR you may create a Basic Account at the time of your first order with us during the checkout process. Once completed, you may simply login to streamline future purchases.

A Basic Account allows you to purchase items and pay securely through Paypal. The Basic Account provides…

  1. Account Dashboard with Order History and Other Features such as quick re-orders
  2. Access to Online Specials & Clearances

A Saldesia Premium Account requires a Basic Account and a credit application submission/approval. However, the Saldesia Premium Account provides a number of additional benefits over the Basic Account including, but not limited to…

  1. Payment Terms (pending credit application and approval)
  2. Exclusive Pricing and Discounts
  3. First to Receive New Product Announcements

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