Cramer’s Corner – Chapter 4, Slide 6

January 23rd, 2023 by Jim Miller

Construction Controls

Per Michael Cramer, “An important consideration in Listeria control is the implementation of effective controls during construction/demolition in the manufacturing plant. Construction/demolition (i.e., drilling, cutting, scarifying, sawing etc.) increase the chances for creation of airborne contaminants (from floors, walls or drains) that can attach to product surfaces and adulterate products. An effective means of prevention is the implementation of “containment”, isolating the area of construction/demolition, followed by effective sanitation. Containment steps are presented here in Cramer’s Corner, Chapter 4 Slide 6, and in greater detail in Chapter 4 of the book Food Plant Sanitation, entitled “Control of Listeria in Food Manufacturing”.”

Slide Content
– Construction/demolition present opportunities for creation of airborne particulate that has a likelihood of holding microbial contaminants
– When considering construction in the plant environment, it’s critical to ask specific questions, provide answers, then create a Demolition/Construction plan before implementation
– Creation of a “containment” for the demolition and construction area will greatly reduce the potential for contaminants to be spread to product contact surfaces and product

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