SpaceVac DIV.2 Food Safe System


Only Patented and Certified Div 2 High Level Cleaning System in the US!



Only Patented and Certified Div 2 High Level Cleaning System in the US!

The risks of cross-contamination and the integrity of the wider food chain, mean that cleaners and facilities managers have a requirement to easily remove these by-products from within their premises as well as the pests attracted by these products. By developing a specialist food and drink safe version of our cleaning system – featuring a range of FDA approved cleaning heads – SpaceVac has created a unique solution for cleaning above head height. With materials like dust and flour often dispersing and settling on high level areas, our Food Safe system easily reaches these otherwise inaccessible areas to remove these materials quickly and safely.
The 1.5” DIV.2 cleaning poles were a world first when they entered the combustible market in 2016.
Developed in response to a number of deadly incidents involving the use of incorrect cleaning equipment in explosive atmospheres, SpaceVac sought to engineer a system safe for use in these specialized environments. Manufactured to the highest standards in the UK – the DIV.2 poles are made from 100% Carbon Fiber and are tested and certified to Atex standards. The system is fully accessorized with a range of conductive and anti-static accessories for flexible cleaning options.

What’s Included: SVA38/EX-FOOD
Each 1.5” SpaceVac Food Safe system comes with the following items included as standard:
Independently certified to be compliant with NFPA standards 484, 652 and 654, ATEX 2014/34/EU
Featuring unique “Dual Button” secondary contact point for fail safe connectivity.
– Qty 5, SVA38/16-PRO: 1.5″ x 5′ 2″ Carbon Fiber DIV.2 Pro Poles (totaling 25′ 10″)
– Qty 1, SVA38/08-PRO: 1.5″ Pro Carbon Fiber DIV.2 Pro Half Pole
– Qty 1, SV/PB: Padded Pole Bag
– Qty 1, SVA38/90H: Conductive 90-degree Cleaning Head
– Qty 1, SVA38/135H: Conductive 135-degree Cleaning Head
– Qty 1, SVA38/45H: Conductive 45-degree Cleaning Head
– Qty 1, SVA38/STR: Conductive Straight Cleaning Head
– Qty 1, SVA38/FSCONE: Anti-Static Nozzle Tool
– Qty 1, SVA38/FSGN: Anti-Static Gulper Tool
– Qty 1, SVA38/FSTB: Anti-Static Triangular Brush
– Qty 1, SVA38/FSREC: Anti-Static Rectangular Brush
– Qty 1, SVA38/FSRB: Anti-Static Round Brush
– Qty 1, SV/MB: Mesh Bag
– Qty 1, SVA38/5H: Conductive 32ft Hose
– Qty 1, SVA38/HA: Conductive 1.5” Hose to Pole adaptor
– Qty 1, SVA38/50HC: Conductive 1.5” hose to 2” Vac Inlet Cuff
– Qty 1, SV/HB: Hose Bag
– Qty 1, SV/SB: 10 Silicon Bands

*Conductive – A conductive tool has a volume resistance <104 ohms. It may have a conductor built in. For use in general non-hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres – Atex zones 1, 2, 21 and 22

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 68 × 14 × 14 in
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