SECUNORM PROFI25 MDP w Rounded Tip SS Blade


SECUNORM PROFI 25 MDP w Rounded Tip SS Blade – sold individually



SECUNORM PROFI25 MDP – Metal & X-Ray Detectable Safety Knife

The SECUNORM PROFI25 MDP is aptly named. “PROFI” because this safety knife really does behave professionally. Whatever the situation, whatever the cutting material. The “25” is in reference to its impressive blade extension of 25 mm, with which even 3-ply cardboard can be cut. And finally, the “MDP” tag means that all plastic parts of this knife can be detected by a metal detector. Safer alternative to fixed blade utility knives for general cutting tasks and features a semi automatic retractable blade for safety.

Purchase Stainless Steel Rounded Tip Replacement Blades

Metal & X-Ray Detectable – especially suited to companies and sectors processing sensitive materials like the food and beverage industry. Even small fragments of the knife can be traced before any contamination of the product takes place.

No Paint – You would like to avoid risks in your job, wherever possible? That’s understandable. An unpainted handle minimizes the risk of contamination of the production process.

Robust Handle – The plastic insert of the SECUNORM PROFI25 MDP is in an aluminum handle. With its robust design, it is predestined for high cutting frequencies and a long life.

Tool-less Blade Change – Blade changing is quick to work out. Literally. You just need to slide the metal detectable plastic insert out of the handle and replace the old blade with a new one.

Rounded Tip Stainless Steel Blade – optimal for demanding use under demanding conditions and for cleaning with water.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 1 in


Mfgr Part No.


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