Detectable Knobby Mat – Dual Color

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Dual Color Metal & X-Ray Detectable Knobby Mat (21″ W x 27″ L)

*Sold Individually
*Please email to inquire about White/Black, Red/Black, Blue/Black or Yellow/Black
*Green/Black, Orange/Black & Purple/Black are available via special order with a minimum order quantity of 48

The USA made Knobby Mat is the #1 sanitation wash mat for the Food & Beverage industry. Dual color mats feature one side that is all Black. This Black side helps prevent cross contamination by highlighting which side of the mat is always the non-food contact side. The Metal & X-Ray Detectable mats are design to help prevent possible foreign object contamination. *All Detectable Knobby Mats will be designated by three hanging holes at the top. The Antimicrobial Mat only has two hanging holes.

– Designed for Food & Beverage processing facilities to use on stainless steel sanitizing surfaces and other table-tops and work benches
– Use where protecting equipment/tooling during and after cleaning is of the utmost importance
– Two-sided knob design minimizes surface contact with the knobs on the bottom side preventing opportunities for bacterial growth under the mat while the knobs on the top side are supporting the equipment/tooling and allowing airflow for more efficient drying.
– To create maximum airflow, the unique patented design of the Knobby Mat features offsetting knobs 1/4″ high on both sides and an overall mat height of 5/8″.
– Washable and reusable for a long life
– Two reinforced holes for hanging up to dry after cleaning.
– Available Stainless Steel Mat Holder which can store and hold up to 5 mats.
– 100% of the mat is made from FDA compliant material specifically designed for use where food safety is critical.
– No corners or porous surface areas that could allow bacteria to gather, and it is able to withstand aggressive industrial cleaning.

Where to Use the Antimicrobial Knobby Mat
– Excellent for supporting and protecting tooling while drying, cleaning, and repairing
– As a ​heavy duty non-skid surface for utility carts, work stations, and shelving
– Protect equipment and tooling on tabletops
– Create a sanitary surface for cleaning tools
– Clearly identify working and non-working surfaces
– Use in environments that require FDA compliant surfaces
– Rubber knobs prevent tools and equipment from rolling or sliding off tabletops and workbenches
– Prevent damage to metal tools and tables
– Place on shelving to create a heavy duty non-skid surface for rapid drying of equipment and tooling
​- Place on utility carts to create mobile repair workstation
– Protect heavy metal buckets and machinery during repair and transport

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 21 × 1 in

Blue/Black, Green/Black, Red/Black, White/Black, Yellow/Black

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