Foot and Wheel Contamination Control Using Antimicrobial Flooring & Mats

April 27th, 2022 by Jim Miller

As contamination control continues to be a focus for Food & Beverage processing facilities, Saldesia Corporation discovered an existing product that is highly regarded and widely used throughout the Pharmaceutical industry. The product is a naturally tacky, high performance polymeric material infused with Biomaster’s Antimicrobial Silver Ion additive. The material is manufactured by Dycem Ltd and has been in production since 1966.

Two variations are available. First is CleanZone which is suitable for heavier pedestrian flows and light wheeled traffic (up to 1,000 lbs/psi). Second is WorkZone which is suitable for heavy wheeled traffic like forklifts, pallet trucks, and large carts (up to 1280lb/psi). Both of these products address the issue of cross contamination within a facility and help prevent contamination from entering critical areas. Foot and wheeled traffic are often overlooked but more Quality and Sanitation Managers are examining how to control plant traffic and reduce their risk.

The ideal locations and placement include all entrances to critical areas to prevent ingress of contamination, inside airlocks, gowning rooms, warehouses, and product transfer rooms to control contamination, in corridors to prevent cross contamination, and all exits to prevent contamination leaving the critical area.

Benefits of Dycem Antimicrobial Flooring & Mats:
– Permanent Antimicrobial Solution: the silver ions do not wear out and are active for the lifetime of the product.
– No Chemicals Required: eliminate the need for continuous use of chemicals
– Environmentally Friendly: keeps disposable tacky mats out of landfills
– Reusable: with a life expectancy of 3-5 years, simply clean and squeegee dry
– No Training: employees and operators continue with their day-to-day processes

You can read the full article by visiting Food Safety News.

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