The Importance of Proper Cleaning and Hygiene Standards in Your Facility

October 19th, 2020 by Jim Miller

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At Saldesia, we’re here to be your partner in making your food processing and handling operation as safe as possible for your employees and your customers. Our high-quality food safety equipment supplies come second to none. Food-borne illnesses are a major risk that needs to be mitigated to accomplish this, and as they say, victory lies in preparation.

As Catherine Watkinson comments in this post from Hillbrush, having color-coded equipment in your facility ensures the proper tools are used for specific uses, guarding against cross-contamination of foods.

If you’d like to browse our selection of color-coded supplies, tools, and utensils, Click Here. You can read some excerpts from the post on Hillbrush’s blog below.

Cleaning Hygiene and Food Safety

Catherine Watkinson, Global Technical Hygiene Specialist at Hillbrush, a leading supplier of cleaning and hygiene products for the foodservice and food manufacturing industries comments:

“Ensuring that your food operation is clean and tidy is a prerequisite of good food hygiene practice. It promotes a positive image to customers and ensures that your contract is as popular as it can be. Poor hygiene will turn customers away, but bacterial contamination can also cause serious illness and result in a visit from the environmental health officer, possible prosecution and shut down. It pays to make cleaning and hygiene your top priority.

“Taking simple steps can help to increase your food hygiene rating, including introducing a HACCP system. This is a recommended management system where businesses identify possible food safety risks as critical control points (CCPs) throughout the food preparation and handling process – from the kitchen right through to service.”

“Alongside a thorough HACCP plan, using high-quality color-coded cleaning equipment along with good cleaning practices are key to avoiding cross-contamination. So, at a basic level, the same equipment should not be used to cleaning surfaces in contact with food as cleaning the floor. Using color-coded brushes for different types of cleaning jobs will help keep a rigorous cleaning program in place. This is a practice widely used in food manufacturing which is now being adopted in many catering operations.”

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