The Benefits of Color Coding

October 19th, 2020 by Jim Miller

Color coding has become a standard practice for the Food and Beverage industry. As it was derived from the 5S System (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain), it helps facilities to organize and identify high care areas and contact points. Colors are a universal language that help reduce language barrier issues and make areas easily identifiable. This program can reduce the risk of cross-contamination, while simultaneously prioritizing and controlling other potential hazards. To browse color-coded products, click here.

To read more about Color Coding, 5S and HACCP, visit the following links: and

Why Metal Detectable Products?

Implementing metal detectable products has become a popular way for Food and Beverage processors to reduce the risk of foreign body contaminants. These contaminants can end up costing a company thousands of dollars as they typically lead to a recall which results in loss of product/sales and can damage a brands reputation. In order to prevent recalls, facilities implement metal detectable pens, markers, bushes, cable ties, safety knives, and more so that in the event an item falls into the process or product, their correctly calibrated metal or X-ray detector will find and identify the contaminant. Thus preventing the contaminant from leaving the facility and being introduced to the public food supply. Metal detectable products are an excellent addition to any Quality or Food Safety program.
To browse metal detectable products, click here. To read more about the benefits of detectable products, follow this link.

Best Shoe Cover for Food and Beverage Manufacturing Facilities

We believe the Tingley Boot Saver is the best shoe cover for facilities that process Food and Beverage products. They are made from a high quality, natural rubber latex that is 100% liquid proof and extremely durable. Unlike most shoe covers, the Boot Savers can last all day with without tearing or wearing out. This increases food safety and prevents contamination from outside the plant floor as the boot savers keep those concerns from getting on the floor and spreading from other foot traffic. If there are high care areas a plant is interested in protecting, the Boot Savers are available in four different colors. This allows them to be implemented into a Color Coding program and help reduce the risk of cross-contamination. To browse the Tingley Boot Saver products, click here. To read more about the product and its applications, follow this link.

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