SpaceVac DIV.2 Pro System


Only Patented and Certified Div 2 High Level Cleaning System in the US!



Only Patented and Certified Div 2 High Level Cleaning System in the US!

The 1.5” DIV.2 cleaning poles were a world first when they entered the combustible market in 2016.
Developed in response to a number of deadly incidents involving the use of incorrect cleaning equipment in explosive atmospheres, SpaceVac sought to engineer a system safe for use in these specialized environments. Manufactured to the highest standards in the UK – the DIV.2 poles are made from 100% Carbon Fiber and are tested and certified to Atex standards. The system is fully accessorized with a range of conductive and anti-static accessories for flexible cleaning options.

What’s Included: SVA38/EX-PRO
Each 1.5” SpaceVac DIV.2 Pro system comes with the following items included as standard:
Independently certified to be compliant with NFPA standards 484, 652 and 654, ATEX 2014/34/EU
Featuring unique “Dual Button” secondary contact point for fail safe connectivity.
– Qty 5, SVA38/16-PRO: 1.5″ x 5′ 2″ Carbon Fiber DIV.2 Pro Poles (totaling 25′ 10″)
– Qty 1, SVA38/08-PRO: 1.5″ Pro Carbon Fiber DIV.2 Pro Half Pole
– Qty 1, SV/PB: Padded Pole Bag
– Qty 1, SVA38/90H: Conductive 90-degree Cleaning Head
– Qty 1, SVA38/135H: Conductive 135-degree Cleaning Head
– Qty 1, SVA38/45H: Conductive 45-degree Cleaning Head
– Qty 1, SVA38/STR: Conductive Straight Cleaning Head
– Qty 1, SVA38/FLT: Conductive 12” Flat Surface Tool
– Qty 1, SVA38/LRB: Conductive Large Round Brush
– Qty 1, SVA38/4PB: Conductive 4” Pipe Brush
– Qty 1, SVA38/CT: Conductive Crevice Tool
– Qty 1, SV/MB: Mesh Bag
– Qty 1, SVA38/5H: Conductive 16ft Hose
– Qty 1, SVA38/HA: Conductive 1.5” Hose to Pole adaptor
– Qty 1, SVA38/50HC: Conductive 1.5” hose to 2” Vac Inlet Cuff
– Qty 1, SV/HB: Hose Bag

*Conductive – A conductive tool has a volume resistance <104 ohms. It may have a conductor built in. For use in general non-hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres – Atex zones 1, 2, 21 and 22

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 68 × 14 × 14 in
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