SECUMAX 145 MDP (Box of 10)


SECUMAX 145 MDP Safety Knife – sold by Box of 10



SECUMAX 145 MDP – Metal & X-Ray Detectable Safety Knife

The SECUMAX 145 is our clever, compact safety knife for routine cutting tasks. The metal-detectable plastic handle and 0.5 mm strong blade give a robustness to the lightweight 14 g knife. Its concealed cutting edges easily cope with single-layered cardboard, film and packing tape and keep your fingers safe. And because the SECUMAX 145 MDP is always traceable, your company is kept safe too. Sold by Box of 10.

Metal & X-Ray Detectable especially suited to companies and sectors processing sensitive materials like the food and beverage industry. Even small fragments of the knife can be traced before any contamination of the product takes place.

Safety First – with a 4mm cutting access, the blade is highly concealed. Out of reach for fingers, but accessible to the materials to be cut. And contents under the cutting surface will also be kept safe from contact with the cutting edge.

Two Function Blade Head – use the knife’s noses to the left and right of the blade to effortlessly pierce materials (e.g. card and film), and the blade head’s corners for packing tape.

Stainless Steel Blade – optimal for demanding use under demanding conditions and for cleaning with water.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 1 in




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