Cramer’s Corner – Chapter 3, Slide 6

November 23rd, 2022 by Jim Miller

Microbiological Control Methods

Per Michael Cramer, “One of the primary objectives of food manufacturers is to assure that we are protecting consumers, our customers and the company’s reputation. In order to do that we need to assure that we are identifying and controlling hazards, such as microorganisms of concern. This will include pathogenic organisms, those that cause foodborne illness, and spoilage organisms that can result in reduction of shelf life and poor quality leading to consumer dissatisfaction.

A comprehensive food safety, and quality program, will include multiple components, or “hurdles”, that can come together to reduce the potential for food safety or quality failures. Several of these steps are presented in Cramer’s Corner Chapter 3 Slide 6, but more detail is provided in Chapter 3 of the book Food Plant Sanitation, entitled “Microorganisms of Food Manufacturing Concern”. The information is provided to aid food manufacturers in assuring they have incorporated as many of these obstacles as possible.”

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Control of spoilage or pathogenic microorganisms in food manufacturing is a priority to produce safe, wholesome product and reduce expensive loss
The approach taken by food manufacturers involves many components, multiple-hurdles, and a plan that is continually reassessed
– Incoming ingredients = conducting a risk assessment and determining microbiological concerns, then identifying procedures for minimizing the potential hazards
– Sanitary design = for both equipment and the environment to eliminate harborage niches and facilitate sanitation as well as control flow of personnel and materials
– Sanitation = validated procedures for cleaning and sanitizing that will remove and reduce presence of microorganisms of concern
– Good Manufacturing Practices = documented education of expectations for employee hygiene to prevent contamination and maintain sanitary conditions in the plant
– Pest Control = well executed Integrated Pest Control program that prevent the attraction and entry of pests, eliminating pests if they do enter the facility
– Testing = microbiological testing for organisms of concern, while this won’t eliminate the organisms it can provide data on the presence so that additional controls can be implemented
Your food safety plan will need to maintain sanitary operations and meet regulatory requirements, at a minimum, but will include proven methods that will help prevent microbiological contamination of your food products

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