Cramer’s Corner – Chapter 3, Slide 5

November 23rd, 2022 by Jim Miller

Foodborne Illness

Per Michael Cramer, “Nothing like having a food illness to make you a zealot to prevent others from getting ill. As food manufacturers and food safety personnel we need to be aware of the human consequences of poor facility conditions, GMP non-conformance and ineffective sanitation. Some of the symptoms of foodborne illness are provided in Cramer’s Corner Chapter 3 Slide 5, but more detail is provided in Chapter 3 of the book Food Plant Sanitation, entitled “Microorganisms of Food Manufacturing Concern”. The information is not provided to diagnose consumers who report symptoms, but to aid in understanding the type of illness that might be indicated and guide on further actions that may be necessary.

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Pathogenic microorganisms of human health concern can cause illness when they adulterate food

Foodborne illness can have varying timeframes for onset as well as symptoms as indicated for three pathogens in the table.

This information is not provided for the purpose of diagnosis, as this should be done by medical professionals. Rather, it’s provided as an aid for analyzing information from incoming consumer calls

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