Cramer’s Corner – Chapter 1, Slide 1

September 27th, 2022 by Ima Admin

Food Manufacturing Obligations
Cramers Corner Chapter 1:1
Per Michael Cramer, ”

A weekly post for sanitation, food safety and quality professionals to aid in the production of safe and wholesome foods. Each week we’ll provide excerpts from my book, Food Plant Sanitation: Design Maintenance and Good Manufacturing Practices.

Well start this week with obligations that food manufacturers have to their customers, consumers and their company.”

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Food manufacturers have an obligation to protect
– Consumers and Customers
– Their brands and company reputation
– Company employees and stakeholders

They also have a responsibility to conform to all applicable regulations

Sanitation regulations for USDA facilities include:
– 9 CFR 416 Sanitary Operations
– Directive 5000.1 Sanitary Performance Standards
Sanitation regulations for FDA facilities include:
– Food Safety Modernization Act
– Sanitation Preventive Control

USDA and FDA facilities will also be required to maintain sanitary operational conditions through employee conformance to Good Manufacturing Practices

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