Why Choose Saldesia?

We are a focused distributor of food safety equipment supplies specifically tailored to meeting the demands of Food and Beverage processing facilities. Our team is devoted to serving the Quality, Production, Safety and Sanitation departments. With more than 10 years of distribution and industry experience, we are determined to source and supply the best offerings to meet and exceed the Food & Beverage industry’s requirements. This determination supports our customer’s efforts to produce the safest and highest quality products.

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Saldesia provides knowledge and solutions for its customers with enthusiasm and focus! We are excited to support the Food and Beverage industries and understand the need for quality food safety equipment supplies. Our focus and partnership with our vendors allows us to provide continuous education while bringing new products and ideas to light. Saldesia, Goddess of Food Safety, is at your service and ready to support the nation’s Food and Beverage processing facilities.

markets we serve

Various departments and operations within Food and Beverage processing facilities. These markets include:

  • • Meat, Poultry and Seafood
  • • Bakery and Tortilla Products
  • • Dairy, Cheese and Ice Cream
  • • Confectionary and Snack Foods
  • • Fruits and Vegetables
  • • Pet Food and Treats
  • • Breweries, Distilleries and Wineries
  • • Ingredients and Flavors

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