12″ Metal Detectable & Resin-Set DRS Bench Brush


12″ Metal Detectable & Resin-Set DRS Bench Brush



12″ Metal Detectable & Resin-Set DRS® Bench Brush

12″ hand brush, dark blue polypropylene block, filled soft grey polyester, Resin-Set DRS®. The block, filaments and resin are metal detectable and X-ray visible. Should any part of the brush get into a production line, it will likely be detected by most correctly calibrated metal detection systems. Ask for sample fibers to conduct your own tests.

FDA Compliant

Resin-Set DRS®
Hillbrush has developed a unique dual approach to retaining tufts by both staple and resin within their hygiene brush range. The tuft is first punched into the brush back with a stainless steel staple, then Epoxy resin is floated into a recess on the face of the brush. The resin permeates the bottom of the hole, covering the filaments and the staples as it goes. This makes the chance of a filament pulling out, extremely remote and it inhibits the accumulation of dirt or moisture around the filaments.

Specification Sheet and Declaration of Conformity Document

Length: 12″
Width: 1.38″
Height: 5″
Trim(Bristle) Length: 2.25″

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 1.5 × 5 in




Mfgr Part No.


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